Leverage Added Online Security

In addition to keeping your information safe online, taking precautions when surfing the internet, and safeguarding your computer, Bangor Savings Bank provides some additional security features that you can take advantage of to help keep your online banking account credentials secure.

Enhanced Authentication

The more pieces of information needed to access an account, the harder it is to break into that account. In addition to your online banking username and password, you have the opportunity to leverage enhanced authentication which requires an addition piece of information to be provided - a code or answers to security questions - in order to login.

While you do have the option to skip this step for private computers, using enhanced security features each time you login takes less than a minute and adds a significant amount of protection for your online banking account. Please contact us if you would like additional information on enhanced authentication or instructions on how to enable this feature if you have turned it off.


Anti-spyware and anti-virus software plays a major role in defending your computer from malicious software, or malware, however it isn’t perfect. Due to this, Bangor Savings Bank provides Rapport's online security protection for free to all its online banking customers. Once installed, the Rapport software verifies that you’ve arrived at an official Bangor Savings Bank online banking site and then secures the internet connection between your computer and the website.

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Additional Resources on Keeping Your Information Safe: 

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