Keeping Your Debit Card Secure

Today, security is top of mind when it comes to electronic transactions.  In addition to the Mastercard Zero Liability and Mastercard SecureCode™ programs, there are a few basic steps you can take toward keeping your Bangor Savings Bank Debit Mastercard safe and your accounts protected:

  • Choose a Unique Personal Identification Number (PIN)
    Avoid obvious choices such as addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, or social security numbers and remember to change your PIN often.
  • Keep Your PIN Private
    Memorize your PIN and refrain from writing it down or sharing your PIN with others.
  • Know Your Current Account Balance
    Keep track of items that may not have cleared your account so you will always know how much money is available for debit purchases.  Check up to the minute balances through Bangor Online or with Text Banking.
  • Take Your Sales Receipts
    Receipts may contain valuable information that a thief could use to make purchases on your account via mail, phone or on the internet.
  • Record Your Transactions
    Make note of your transactions in your register or visit Bangor Online as soon after making a purchase. Confirming that the merchant deducted the correct amount and saving the receipts will help resolve any potential disputes.
  • Review Statements Carefully
    If you find a charge that you do not recognize or an amount that does not match your records, contact Bangor Savings Bank immediately.
  • Report Lost or Stolen Cards Immediately
    If your card is lost or stolen, contact Bangor Savings Bank as soon as you realize your card is missing to prevent unauthorized use of your debit card. Your current card will be closed and you can receive a new card by mail within 7-10 business days or visit a Bangor Savings Bank branch with instant issuance and receive your new card instantly.

Debit Mastercard Security Programs

Mastercard Zero Liability Protection
If your card falls into the wrong hands, you may be protected from unauthorized purchases. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you are protected while shopping online and everywhere you use your Bangor Savings Bank Debit Mastercard to make signature purchases. Visit for complete terms and conditions.

Mastercard SecureCode
Register your card for added protection when shopping online by adding a personal SecureCode to your Bangor Savings Bank Debit Mastercard. When you shop online, use your SecureCode rather than using your card number for a more secure online shopping experience.

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